Never Shave Again SCAM!!!

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I, too, have been waiting 5 months for a refund from nevershave again. I feel now I will not get my money back.

Nevershaveagain is a scam and a fraud. Shame on you nevershaveagain for not following ethical business practices. Your scam makes it even harder to trust any online biz. Good online biz companies should be going after these companies to keep the internet online biz ligit.

Don't trust the lady named Jackie or Linda.

The say it will be refunded and then nothing.

Call again and they say the same thing. never shave again is going to have there day in court...and I will be there.

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Monetary Loss: $100.

Never Shave Again - I have been fighting for refund since december 2009..."pending" they say

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I purchased a poorly manufactured item which did nothing as promised. I returned item within guaranteed refund time as per all of company's instruction.

I have since had a part time job contacting them to inquire as to status of my refund. No emails have ever been responded to. Answering service encodes #'s i provide and say that that account shows refund "PENDING". This has been the case since return in December of 2009...Never shave Again are committing theft !

They are selling snake oil (cheaply made) and NEVER living up to their Guarantee Again... Do not do business with these falsely advertising liars...

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Monetary Loss: $99.

Never Shave Again doesn't work and won't refund my money.

Fort Worth, Texas 1 comment
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I bought the Never Shave Again electric hair remover last July and tried the product for 2-3 weeks. Seeing no results, I returned the product within the 30 day money back guarantee time period.

After waiting the 4-6 weeks for my refund, I called to check on the status and was told they received the product back and I was due my refund and they would check on it.

I have called every few months and had the same response from customer service staff and managers. I have also sent emails with no reply either. I have asked to speak to someone in the refund department and been told there is no way to speak anyone in refunds.

So, I get the run around on all fronts.

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Monetary Loss: $125.



Contact the Attorney General's Office in New Jersey. Had the exact same issue with this company.

After contacting Att Gen off, I received my refund.

I did it all on line. Very easy.

Never Shave Again - is unreputable and dishonorable

Atlanta, Georgia 1 comment
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I ordered the shave system and extra patches from but upon reading reports from the BBB, decided not to deal with them. They had on the website 100% guarantee within 30 days.

Now it being a personal hair removal system, I knew that were I to accept delivery of the product, they would not give me a refund of the patches, so rather than take a chance, I simply refused delivery. Then they wouldn't give a refund. I showed my credit card company that I refused delivery. They gave me a refund for the machine but not for the patches, which were never touched by human hands except theirs.

(Funny how they are allowed to touch them). So, they disputed the refund from my credit card company and I ended up paying for merchandise that I never received at all. A reputable company would have made a refund. They were able to resell this merchandise since I never touched it.

It plainly states in the FAQ section of their website that in the event of a refusal of shipment, they charge shipping both ways. But I got free shipping, no merchandise, and had to pay in full. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I have reported them to the IRS and am in the process of reporting them to every states department of revenue.

I hope they realize that they have to pay tax on returns since they don't give refunds. My attorney is in the process of verifying whether they have a license to do business in this state or any other.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #755034

I had the same problem as everyone else , IT DOES NOT WORK

and this product is a ripoff

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